Tom Clancy The Division News

Tom Clancy The Division, is by far 2015’s most anticipated game. However, there is a downfall… we still have not recived the official release date. This game was originally meant to be released last year (2014) but was delayed to now. Last year Ubisoft had a decent year, but not their best… lets just say it was a rough year for them? yeah that sounds better. Tom Clancy The Division is the game that can boost up Ubisofts reputation in a good way and make up for last year so this game is pretty much the game that can make or break them (in my opinion)


Regardless though this game just looks insane! the trailers and gameplays have definitely got me super excited as it does seem like a very unique game that will contain a lot of things that haven’t been in previous open world games like this. Whilst we are still waiting for the release date and game  in general (AKA waiting for Ubisoft to stop being douches) check back here every week to see what’s new & check out the videos below if you are not as hyped yet!





Tom Clancy The Division PS4 & Xbox One Release Date DELAYED Again?! (New Details!)


Tom Clancy The Division Xbox One BETA Coming Soon! & New Gameplay Details! (New Division Details!)


Tom Clancy The Division New PS4 & Xbox One In Game Screenshot Revealed!

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